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91% Animal Rescue, 2.5% Fundraising Costs, and 6.5% Administrative Costs

Our Founder

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is the founder of the Harmony Fund and creator of The Pet Memorial. As a young child, Laura had recurring dreams about animals gathering around her. She felt deep compassion for every cat, mouse, squirrel, snake and snail.  

Laura created the Harmony Fund charity in 2009 with the goal of helping the underdog rescuers who had no one else to turn. The charity has exceeded her wildest dreams, providing food, comfort, shelter and protection-from-cruelty to thousands of domestic animals and wildlife. 

A top-10 graduate of Northeastern University’s School of Journalism and experienced rescuers, Laura spent more than a decade in international animal rescue before founding her own charitable institution. 

Harmony Fund, Founder - Laura Simpson