About The Pet Memorial

The Pet Memorial was created to honor pets who have died and to give pet guardians a way to channel their love into a beautiful mission to help needy animals all over the planet. The Pet Memorial is an experience that is accessible to everyone.

  • Each pet guardian creates their own tribute page on our virtual memorial to honor and memorialize the pets they have loved.
  • Donations help to sponsor the work of underdog animal rescue squads all over the planet who are providing food, shelter, protection-from-cruelty and rescue to thousands of animals who need us now.

The good news is that your donation to The Pet Memorial is a charitable gift that goes directly to the Harmony Fund international animal rescue charity. On a mission to “Love the Underdog”, this USA-based charity throws their arms around the small but mighty animal rescue squads who are saving lives hand-over-fist, all over the planet. The focus of the Harmony Fund is to provide aid to the rescue squads who are saving animals despite overwhelming odds, most often in parts of the world where those animals would otherwise have no one at all to defend them.

Harmony Fund​

Harmony Fund is a 501c3 charity, formed in 2009. We strive to operate with low overhead so that we can help the greatest numbers of animals possible.

Supporters of the Harmony Fund have two favorite aspects of our work. First, they love being a part of last-resort rescue work that would never be possible without their help. And second, they trust that we always communicate in a positive, uplifting manner that will leave them feeling grateful for the experience without any shocking images of animal suffering.

2019 Top-Rated Great Non Profits

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How Your Donation is Used

You can view Full 2020 Financial Statement (PDF).

Harmony Fund's Financial pie chart for 2020

Our Founder

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is the founder of the Harmony Fund and creator of Superhero Pets. As a young child, Laura had recurring dreams about animals from everywhere gathering around her. She felt deep compassion for every cat, mouse, squirrel, snake and snail.  

Laura spent more than a decade of her career running the American office of World Animal Protection where she focused on the protection of dogs, cats, gorillas, bears, chimpanzees and animals trapped in disasters.

Laura created the Harmony Fund charity in 2009 with the goal of helping the underdog rescuers who had no one else to turn. The charity has exceeded her wildest dreams, providing food, comfort, shelter and protection-from-cruelty to thousands of domestic animals and wildlife. The lives of so many animals have been forever changed. This work is Laura’s passion, and in 2021,  The Pet Memorial was born.

Harmony Fund, Founder - Laura Simpson