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Before you leave a message, please take a look below. 99% of your questions will be answered here! Remember, we are a charity with a tiny team.

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Pet Legacy Page Changes

I want to make a change on my pet’s profile page

There’s a 15 minute window of time for users to edit their pet’s page. We don’t have the capacity to leave that open indefinitely unfortunately and we just don’t have the people-power to manually edit profile pages. If you have an issue on your pet’s profile page that is troublesome, you are welcome to add your pet again and create a new tribute page.

Donations / Payments

Change or cancel my monthly donations

To make a change to your monthly donation, please email us at help@thepetmemorial.org

I need a copy of my tax receipt

Tax receipts are automatically emailed, however, they often land in your junk mail folder.  Please search Pet Memorial in your spam folder.  If you can’t locate your receipt, you can ask for a copy by email at help@thepetmemorial.org

How much of my donation helps the animals?

See our How Your Donation is Used section.

Contact Us

Please allow 5 – 7 business days for us to reply to your email.

We ask for your patience as we are a charity operating on a very lean budget. Please write your question below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We don’t provide a phone number because we truly don’t have enough people to staff a phone line. We try to stay very lean so that more money can go directly to the animals. Thank you for understanding.

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