Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge

Rescued Puppies

Together We Will Keep Them Warm Next Winter:

“Our life depends on you,” Bosnian rescue dynamo Danka Kantar said two days ago. “We are really modest and my good husband Zoran and I have given all to the animals. You have seen our humble home, we really have nothing but love for animals, Zoran and I gave everything for animals. For ten years I financed everything myself until all our money was gone.”

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 1

“We gave our animals living space, all animals live in our home,” Danka continued. “I do not regret this, of course. I saved a lot of animals, but now that we are older and have some health struggles, we need help.”

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 2

For the past few years, Harmony Fund has been sponsoring the rescue center run by Danka and her husband Zoran. They are an absolute epicenter of compassion in their Bosnian community and extraordinarily hard working – keeping an immaculate environment for the animals. Bottle feedings, potty training, veterinary special care and round-the-clock love go into their rescue mission which has found good homes abroad for countless throw-away animals.

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 3

“In just the last three months, we saved, fed and treated another 60 puppies.,” Danka said. “It’s all old to us that we do not have furniture anymore, but all my animals are socialized, very clean, and love people, love kids, love other animals, which is proof of my work and salvation.”

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 4

“I had only two potatoes and one carrot for my Easter and used it to make Zoran and me a soup,” Danka said. “We did not have anything else. When you send the donation to me, I buy everything for animals, their food, cat litter, their medicines. Then, if there is something left, we can buy some veggies for us and that’s all. Sometimes I’m scared that you will leave us, and then I’m afraid because we cannot live without you. I hope you can understand what I mean, From the heart, my dear God, bless you and your families.”

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 5

Danka’s Wish Has Been Granted!

Firewood for Underdog Rescue Refuge 6

20 meters of wood were delivered thanks to all of you who help by participating in Superhero Pets. Your pets are true heroes to these and other animals in need.

To help us in our monthly supply of food and veterinary care here and our annual provision of firewood, please make a donation to our Bosnian Rescue Fund which helps this rescue center and many others demonstrating remarkable results with very meager resources.


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