Flurries at the Door

On top of the ongoing monthly commitments to so many rescue centers, there’s a constant flurry of knocks on our door – most of them, we can’t ignore.

“Our daily needs for more than 120 dogs and around 40 cats are huge,” Romanian rescuer Oana Andreea said from her remote shelter near the Moldavian border. “We had dry food for almost 2 months, but in a few days, it’s all going to be gone. I do not have funds for buying food.”

It’s easy to judge rescuers who find themselves in such a crisis, but financial problems snowball as more and more animals with absolutely nowhere else to turn are brought to safety. Just last week, Oana took two female dogs who were in imminent danger.

“I got a call about a pregnant female who will be thrown, with her babies, into the woods.” Oana said. “When a friend went there for me, she found 2 sister dogs, one of them pregnant, both without decent food or water. They just had wet bread to eat.”

Romania rescue dogs

Although Oana can’t bear the responsibility of more dogs with just her part-time salary as a veterinary assistant, she couldn’t turn a blind eye and allow these dogs and the soon-to-be newborn puppies to be abandoned in the forest during winter. Oana is just one of the many rescuers who need our help right now. Please donate.


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