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We call the first day of each month “Miracle Day” because it’s the day that truly extraordinary acts of love take form for animals across the planet. It’s the day we dispatch aid for food, shelter, veterinary medicine and so much more. There are dozens of rescue squads who DEPEND on us each and every month, and today we’d like to share a glimpse of just one of them.

Marijana's rescue puppy with IV in her arm

Marijana Pejic lives in Zvornik, Bosnia where she runs the Happy Paws shelter and a robust community project to feed, sterilize and rescue dogs who are abandoned at the local landfill. It’s the last place on earth any dog might expect help. After all, how many people like to spend time at a landfill. But through the donations of Harmony Fund supporters, Marijana has turned the landfill into a place of hope and an oasis of care.

Miracle Day! 1
Marijana carrying the rescue puppy to her car
Miracle Day! 2
Abandoned rescue dogs at the vet are being taken care of

Every couple days, Marijana makes her rounds bringing food and fresh drinking water to homeless animals in their various gathering places, particularly at the garbage dump. She has set up makeshift shelters for the dogs and regularly brings a few into the back of her car each week to have them spayed or neutered. It’s worth mentioning that we did have real dog houses built and discretely distributed for the dogs, but unfortunately, those were stolen as we feared they would be. Anything of value vanishes quickly.

Miracle Day! 3
Makeshift shelter for dogs

Although she can’t find a permanent home for every dog, Marijana can prevent a bigger crisis. Her efforts have already prevented thousands more dogs from being born into homelessness. And all of this is funded by Harmony Fund supporters.

Miracle Day! 4

One supporter named Jan H. has held this particular project close to her heart and helps with a donation every month to carry on the spay/neuter program here.

“You give me hope and an opportunity to help Marijana do what I cannot do myself, Jan said from her home in Florida. “I’m thrilled with what Marijana is doing and will continue to provide financial support for neutering. I’m proud of her, her energy, and her determination to help those precious dogs.”

Please enjoy just a few photos of some of the dogs who have now been adopted to caring homes thanks to our partnership with Marijana. This is a single grain of sand on the beach. We have so many projects like this one, and all of them need us more than words can say. If you can help us with tomorrow’s Miracle Day, we’d be most grateful. We fell short of our monthly fundraising goal in July, so we’re emptying our pockets and looking under sofa cushions to scrape together enough funds for all those who are counting on us.

Happily Adopted!
Adopted dog and a girl
Adopted husky
Adopted 2 black dog with new family
Adopted dogs with their new families

Thank you—each and every one of you—for the amazing love you share with so many animals near and far.

Harmony Fund, founder. Laura Simpson
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