Moments After Her Death, Beagle Reappears to Say Goodbye

Have you ever sensed the presence of your pet after they passed away? Debbie Wing shares the incredible story of her dog Millie who appeared in a field only moments after death, bringing joy and closure to her family.

Millie on the bed snuggling

My daughter and I had to make the hardest decision ever to help our beloved beagle Millie cross over. Her health was declining and her quality of life with it. We scheduled the final vet appointment to be in the late afternoon so we could give Millie one more fun day.

Millie in the lake
Millie laying on the ground

It was a gorgeous October day. We visited her special people. She spent time outside in the sun, exploring and rolling in the grass. On the way to the vet hospital, she enjoyed treats at a variety of drive-thrus.

Millie laying on the grass with mom

When Millie Crossed Over…

The staff at the veterinary hospital gave us a blanket so we could spend Millie’s final moments outside, surrounded by fields and woods. We were so distraught but knew we were making the right choice for Millie. The vet administered the meds and Millie quietly died.

Millie down on the grass

They left us for a few minutes to grieve with her. Through my tears, I looked up and in the field, there was Millie, quietly standing there, staring at me. She was healthy and strong again. I told her that we would be fine and to go run, play and enjoy her freedom. With that, she just disappeared. It was her final gift to us. This was her final photo that afternoon.

Post about millie crossing over

Millie’s appearance is not the first to be reported by pet lovers. Many have had visitations that include touch, sounds and the sight of their beloved pet, sometimes months or years after their passing. These experiences bring immense comfort and assurance of the infinite nature of our pets’ souls.

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Moments After Her Death, Beagle Reappears to Say Goodbye 1

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