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Bondi Cleveland

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United States

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June 13, 2023

Tribute To Bondi Cleveland

Dear Bondi, As I sit here, my heart heavy with grief, I find solace in the memories we shared, the love we exchanged, and the bond we formed. You were more than just a pet; you were a beloved family member, a source of comfort, and a true friend. Your passing has left an emptiness that words cannot adequately describe. The silence in our home echoes with your absence, and the ache in my heart is a constant reminder of the depth of our connection. But I find solace in knowing that you are no longer in pain but now at peace. I am grateful for our precious time together, even though it feels far too short. The love we shared will continue to inspire me and guide me through life's challenges. Your memory will forever be a beacon of light, reminding me to embrace each day with the same enthusiasm and love you showed me. With all our love, Toddy, Annie, Lucy, & Scarlett Cleveland

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Bondi Cleveland profile image 2

Human Family:

Todd, Annie, Lucy, & Scar Cleveland

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