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Bronco Troy

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United States

Legacy Since:

September 5, 2021





Mission Elements

  • Cares for farm animals in sanctuaries
  • Feeds homeless cats
  • Feeds homeless dogs
  • Fights cruelty to animals
  • Helps give food, shelter and medicine to animals in sanctuaries
  • Helps injured animals in the street
  • Helps repair animal shelters in poor countries
  • Protects wildlife from poaching
  • Rescues animals trapped and in danger
  • Sponsors veterinary care for animals without families

Tribute to

Bronco Troy

Our pets are so precious - I send compassionate thoughts for all the pet parents shown on this site and much love to your fur babies. If you aren't familiar with it, perhaps The Rainbow Bridge poem will help soothe your grief. Bronco was the sweetest, happiest, & most loving dog. A goodwill ambassador wherever he went. Even cats loved times much to his chagrin :). He'd been my constant companion since my wonderful husband passed away in 2012. Bill got to enjoy Bronco for only 1.5 years. I am heart broken although he was 13 - a ripe old age for a big fella. I knew it was his time with his various ailments and I believe he did too. For the past 7 months it was all about his quality of life. In consultation with vets, his bad test results, and his changed demeanor, I logically knew what had to be done. But our logical mind is not our grieving heart. Bronco and I went through a lot together since 2012 from his various health issues starting in 2014, my mom's passing, my own health issues, a move and then through the pandemic. But yet we had so many joyous moments including a trip to the Keys and just hanging out together every day/evening taking walks and visiting friends. I am thankful I got to spend over 17 months with him at home due to working remotely since March 2020. He is with my husband now and the angels. Furever in my heart. I did not want to get another pet after we had a traumatic incident with a bad vet with our beloved cat in 2010 but then we had the opportunity to adopt Bronco who had been given up by his first family when they lost their home in foreclosure. That must have been heartbreaking for them. I believe Bronco was meant to come into my life to help me cope after my husband passed away. I will forever miss his exuberant greeting at the door whether I just stepped out for 15 minutes or was away for several hours. A huge comfort and a comedian. One of my fondest memories is when he would run around our office corridor (I took him to my office for several years) at full speed back and forth for no apparent reason - almost like showing off his athleticism. Then running to me for praise and petting & promptly plopping down on his bed for a nap. I also took Bronco to church a couple of times for evening Thanksgiving services where he even trotted up to the front with me for communion and sat there perfectly still. My best friend then, now, & forever who helped keep me going during the tough days and made every day worth living. And to all of my other pets over the years - King, Skippy, Ginger, Jacques, Murphy, Benny, Dow, Cinnie, Gweechny, Yellow, & Isis, my late brother's 4 Georges, my nephew's dogs Tiga, Maui, Sheeba, and Terri, and my stepkids'/extended family's/friends' dogs Ziggy, Dexter, Gracie, Enzo, Ozzie, & Lindy, you are also forever in our hearts. We animal lovers suffer so much pain when our pets leave us. I try to realize that they are lent to us to care for them and love them for a period of time in our lives. The ROI is beyond analysis - total love, loyalty, laughter. Thank you, Bronco for picking Bill & me as your new parents from the rescue group you were with and coming home with us on May 17, 2011. And for being in my life for 10 years and 109 days. You were a blessing beyond compare - here for a time before you were called to return to your original home in the heavens. And for the gift of YOU, I am eternally grateful. Exceedingly sad & heart broken but profoundly grateful.

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