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Buddy Tewari

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United States

Legacy Since:

December 1, 2022





Mission Elements

  • Sponsors veterinary care for animals without families

Tribute to

Buddy Tewari

You lived a long and comfortable life, filled with love, rotisserie chicken, and the good scratches behind the ears. You got adorably squirmy when we cuddled you for too long, but you also wanted us to always be around you. You were the most gentle and patient soul with every human you met, even the babies that tried to yank your tail or bite your nose when we weren’t looking, but you also gave any dog hell for getting within even a one mile radius of us. There are some things I’ll never understand why exactly you did- but that’s part of your beauty. You are the best friend and protector a girl could dream of, and I miss you dearly. I still hope I’ll find you just snuggled up in your favorite corner, napping up a storm. Enjoy an endless supply of duck jerky and belly rubs in heaven, Buddy. I love you, and I’ll come find you soon enough Love, Par

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