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Chapi Chimakadze

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Legacy Since:

January 15, 2024

Tribute To Chapi Chimakadze

Chapi's moods from his childhood has already become a legend: he was a unique kind of dog who instead of feeling guilty when he did something naughty - became mad at you. Chapi had a tough childhood but since he joined the family of Chimakadze's he became extremely kind and loving. He grew up not knowing what cruelty is which is something their hoomans should be proud of. His pictures can confirm that. According to legends when he was a puppy he could pace around like crazy but as soon as his hoomans introduced him to snacks, garbage and halfway split dumplings - he became quite pudgy himself. No longer would he pace around, why bother ? Chapi was also known to pee in front of other dogs in their own territory which wasn't taken lightly by his enemies of the dog kingdom but he could care less, he's Chapi - master of garbage, slayer of dumplings and heir to the dog throne! His wkapwkuping will always be remembered with grace and love!

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Chapi Chimakadze profile image 2

Human Family:

Salome Chimakadze

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