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Charlie Sheppard

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United States

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March 10, 2024

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Charlie was a dog I never wanted but fell in love with, I had a 14 year old dog who was starting to be in failing health when my mom got Charlie and then after moving to an apartment was unable to keep him, I was left with the choice of letting him go to the pound or taking him and I had fallen in love with the little guy while I watched him for a few weeks, he was there when my senior dog died, he was there when my life was in ruins he was there during covid he was there when I got onto my feet and took a job where I occasionally had to leave him for a week to go out of town, and was always waiting by the door when i got home ready to snuggle up and not leave my side, He was my best friend and i had to make the hardest decision of my life today to let him go, he had a fight in him up to the end trying to stand up as his body wouldn't let him and he fell, just to try again, he was a fighter and I wish I could have done more but he will not have to suffer, and he is free now.

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