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Coal Higginbotham

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United States

Legacy Since:

March 11, 2024

Tribute To Coal Higginbotham

Coal was one of a kind, the kind of soul that makes you feel loved just by being around him. His eyes told a story beyond his years and his snuggle could calm any anxiety. His Dad, John, adopted him at just six weeks old and from that point on they were inseparable. He looked at his Dad with such love and admiration, everyone could feel it. They were adventure buddies, traveling to rivers all accross the Southeast, hiking, camping, trout fishing and searching for snacks. Coal was part of the crew and anyone who met him couldn’t help but love him. He is family and he is so missed. The world will never be quite the same. But we know he’s still looking down, with those wise eyes, right at his Daddy with such pride. 18 years could never be enough, but we’re all better for having you to love. High five, until we meet again, little buddy.

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Coal Higginbotham profile image 2

Human Family:

John Higginbotham

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