Daisy Hickson

Remembering our beloved pets and saving animals across the planet

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Legacy Since:

September 5, 2021





Mission Elements

  • Fights cruelty to animals
  • Helps give food, shelter and medicine to animals in sanctuaries

Tribute to

Daisy Hickson

Daisy adopted us after she had been monitored for ten days for alleged aggression and had been exonerated. The claim had been made by a cyclist who had approached silently from behind while Daisy and her human had been walking quietly along a sidewalk. The cyclist, arguably at fault, had claimed that Daisy snapped at him. Her human family member, traumatised at the experience, had put Daisy up for adoption. During her ten years with us we realised that Daisy. was simply very loyal....nobody was going to harm her family on her watch. Daisy was gentle, playful and loving. She accepted many foster rescue dogs into her home without reservation. She enjoyed chasing a Frisbee....with added enjoyment when she insisted on playing tug-of-war with the Frisbee when we tried to take it back. Together we destroyed many indestructible Frisbee's in this way. She was a great favourite with the local children and would lie quietly as the kids sat beside her and stroked her silky head. No child ever feared gentle Daisy. At age fourteen, otherwise in excellent condition, she developed a cancer on one paw, and in time we were forced to accept that to save further suffering, we had to say goodbye. She passed quietly over the Rainbow Bridge, and her last remembrance would have been of her family lovingly stroking her head as she peacefully went to sleep. One paw made two little movements as she left us.... no doubt she was waving goodbye. Rest in peace dearest sweet Daisy..........until we meet again. <3

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