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Liška Zabadal

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United States

Legacy Since:

October 21, 2023

Tribute To Liška Zabadal

Our baby Liška, You were our whole world. We put all our love into you and you were the best baby. We loved everything about you. Your little hops, the way you played, how you tilted your head, your kisses. You had a big personality in a little body. You were a social butterfly and loved your friends especially at day care. You were a warrior. Unfortunately you were not born into the best body. Life is not fair, we were just getting to know you. We had so many things planned for you and looked forward to growing with you. You did not deserve this. You were just a baby, our baby. We miss you more than anything and we always will. Our hearts are crushed. But thank you baby Liška for the most amazing 10 months with you. We will never forget you. ❤️ 11/20/22-09/27/23

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Liška Zabadal profile image 2

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