LUTHER Kinosian

Remembering our beloved pets and saving animals across the planet

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United States

Legacy Since:

February 9, 2022





Mission Elements

  • Cares for farm animals in sanctuaries
  • Feeds homeless cats
  • Feeds homeless dogs
  • Fights cruelty to animals
  • Helps give food, shelter and medicine to animals in sanctuaries
  • Helps injured animals in the street

Tribute to

LUTHER Kinosian

He was thrown out of a white van into a Los Angeles dog park and somehow found his way to the side of my bed for ten years. Luther, liver-spotted Dalmatian Labrador mix, stubborn, hotly intelligent, Proustian thinker and ponder-er. Scores of foster dogs invaded his territory over the years though as long as his space was paws off, all went well. He was not afflicted by various human frailties, to crave more and more and more. His was a simple life; yard, bones, play, friends, walks, chasing crows. But, when someone asks at the end of my life, 'who did you love,' his name will be center. Lucky folks know what this means and you know who you are.

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