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Mr. Fluff the Pomeranian

Mr. Fluff the Pomeranian profile image 1


United States

Legacy Since:

May 23, 2023

Tribute To Mr. Fluff the Pomeranian

10 years ago, Mr. Fluff came into our lives, after he’d been rescued from a high-kill shelter in the west part of Virginia. He’d been found on the side of the road, fearful, his fur matted, and filled with a determination to survive. We adopted him at age 4, and he occupied a place in our hearts that he will never leave. He delighted in chasing critters ranging from mice, squirrels, bunnies, seagulls, and once to our surprise, a bear. In his younger years, he tore apart various toys and went on long hikes in the woods. All throughout his life, he relished his favorite Charlee Bear treats and baby carrots. He learned how to “roll over” and “shake hands,” though he occasionally got these two confused. One year while I was decorating holiday cookies, he found his way into some green royal icing that decorated his tan coat. We loved him and gave him the best home we could. We'll never forget our Fluff.

Mr. Fluff the Pomeranian profile image 2
Mr. Fluff the Pomeranian profile image 2

Human Family:

Aaron Hamburger and Anthony Palatta

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