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Ollie Ferguson

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United States

Legacy Since:

May 9, 2023

Tribute To Ollie Ferguson

Ollie was a beautiful blonde male cat who stole our hearts from day one , he was so sweet and loving and loved to play . He immediately took up with my husband and they became best friends with Ollie following him everywhere and sleeping nestled up to him at night . He was so handsome . Ollie lived a very short life but lived with so much love . Right after his 1st birthday he began to have a lot of urinary issues and we tried everything we could to save him but it just wasn’t enough. It broke our hearts to let him go but seeing him in pain was even harder . We love you Ollie thank you for coming into ours lives even knowing all now we still would do the year we had with you all over again . Rest easy our beautiful Angel . We love you .

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Ollie Ferguson profile image 2

Human Family:

Jay , Lisa , Maci , Lexie

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