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Patty Kake Blaine

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United States

Legacy Since:

May 28, 2023

Tribute To Patty Kake Blaine

Patty Kake came to us at age 3 when her elderly owner passed. She had a strong, beautiful personality. She loved all humans, dogs and cats. She was always eager to meet someone new. We had to help her over the bridge at the age of 20. She was blind, deaf and her little hind end didn't work anymore. And she had some dementia. She let us know when she was ready. She stopped eating and drinking and started wailing. Her vet said she had the heart of a puppy, but other organs shutting down. It was a sad day, but we did right by her.

Human Family:

Pattie Blaine Kent Higashiyama Greg M. Nelson

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