Rescuing Chained Dogs Internationally

Rescuer Naida Kaltak and puppies in Bosnia
Rescuer Naida Kaltak

The rescue of chained dogs is something Harmony Fund undertakes with our incredible partners all over the world. Through a mix of apathy and old traditions, dogs are sometimes sentenced to a life on the end of a very short rope or chain. Food and water is often provided only sporadically, leading to serious suffering. In instances when the home owner can be encouraged to make positive changes, we’re happy to do so, but often it’s just not possible such as in this case.

Rescuer Naida Kaltak and mom dog in Bosnia, Before and After the rescue

“This mother dog had an owner and he thought she was completely fine,” rescuer Naida Kaltak explained when sharing photos of this female dog rescued in Bosnia recently. “A child from the village saw the mum and called me. The man did not want to give up this mother dog or her puppies. At first he said we could take just the three puppies but we pressed until he gave up the mom as well. It was very tense, but we managed it.”

Rescued puppies in bosnia

Intervening in cases of neglect and cruelty is at the bedrock of the Harmony Fund’s mission. Naida’s grassroots rescue operations are partially sponsored by Harmony Fund’s monthly donors each month. The results speak for themselves. Each year, Naida’s rescue program saves several hundred animals like these and we are so thankful to all of our supporters for making this work possible.

Grateful dog about to be freed

In Romania, our dear partners at Every Life Counts rely on donations from us each month to operate their shelter and rescue program. They’ve also been rescuing chained dogs like this one who was left chained and alone after his owner was stabbed to death. Bogdan, shown here, drove more than 100 miles to rescue this dog because, although neighbors knew of the dog, no one would help. Now, this dog is safe and will have an opportunity to eventually be adopted.

Grateful dog about to be chain-free

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