Spay/Neuter Mission Prevents Generations of Homelessness

Rescuer and dog on her lap

Sterilization is tightly woven into the fabric of our companion animal programs around the world. We thought you might like to see a few snapshots from a recent free clinic we sponsored in the community of Boltesti, Vrancea in Romania. Residents were invited to bring their cats and dogs in for spay or neuter thanks to our partnership with the Bucharest-based Sache Veterinary Clinic whose team did an outstanding job caring for over 120 animals this particular day.

Spay/Neuter Mission Prevents Generations of Homelessness 1
Rescuer carrying a cats in cage to spay and neuter in romania
Rescuer holding a puppy in romania

“While we can’t time travel, we can change the future,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson explains. “By implementing sterilization campaigns, we are investing in a world where boxes and boxes full of puppies and kittens are not dropped off the gates of shelters each day. We’re seeing the twinkle of animal welfare reform in the Balkans, especially in more urban areas, and I’m so thankful to our supporters for helping us sponsor this essential form of care.”

Impact per animal - without spay and neuter initiatives, homeless animals are often euthanized, neglected or die of disease. Sterilization is critical for management of tree-roaming dogs and cats and related disease control concerns. So how what is the impact in prevention of kittens and puppies as a result of each animal's sterilization? 3 years later...382 cats, 512 dogs
How spay and neuter helps animals

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