UPDATE: Elderly Rescuer Won’t Be Alone During Cancer Treatment

Gorica Angelkovska
Serbian rescuer, Gorica Angelkovska

Recently we brought you the story of Gorica Angelkovska who was terrified of spending another winter alone at her shelter in Serbia. After seeing photos of the physically demanding task of caring for more than 100 rescued animals, many of you rallied to help us hire a worker to manage the primary daily chores. We were very fortunate to find a local man named Mile who likes animals and is willing to work hard. Gorica has been emotionally moved by the generosity of people far, far away who have decided to help her keep the animals tucked securely in her shelter, which has become their home.

Gorica Angelkovska and Mile
Gorica and new help Mile

Several days after enjoying the bliss of hiring a worker and having reliable help and companionship at the shelter, Gorica was given some devastating news. It seems that she has both esophageal and colon cancer. She is in pain and feeling quite unwell. She is readying for surgery very soon.

Harmony Fund will further extend aid to keep the animals safe while Gorica fights for her life. We are weaving a strong safety net for this rescuer and the animals who rely on her:

  1. Our new worker, Mile, will continue to work on the weekdays and assume all animal care tasks.
  2. A second man will take on the weekend shifts of feeding and caring for the animals.
  3. A caregiver with significant experience caring for the elderly will move in to help care for Gorica for several weeks.
  4. A young family (husband, wife and son) have spent some time at the shelter and are considering taking on the daily operations fully if Gorica is unable to carry on. They have experience in animal care, and would add on a boarding area to the shelter so that they could be self sufficient in raising enough funds to make a living and care for all the animals. Gorica is excited about this possibility to have more help.
Mile feeding dogs

If it weren’t for your help, Gorica would have suffered terribly this winter trying to save her animals alone. Because of all of you, she has a chance to receive treatment and to have the peace of mind that her animals are safe while she focuses on her own survival. Thank you all for this truly amazing mission of mercy. Gorica never dreamed of such blessings. She is truly amazed.


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