Vast Mission is Helping Animals Across Ukraine

woman feeding street dog in Ukraine

Brave volunteers are driving throughout Ukraine delivering truckloads of food and veterinary medicine for animals thanks to our incredible supporters and some special sponsors including the Leslie Alexander Foundation, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, Animal Victory, Artists for Animals, the Scituate Animal Shelter. Red & Howling and the Coastal Community FoundationNow with Russian troops bombarding Ukraine’s Eastern region, a second wave of evacuees are leaving pets behind en masse and animal shelters there are in dire need of food and supplies to cope with the dramatic rise in the number of homeless animals.

Ukraine received pet foods
This is our teammate Tom from the documentary crew Breaking the Chains. He has been a force of nature in Ukraine, pulling off incredible feats to reach the animals in greatest need. Here he gives a thumbs up to thank you for the latest mountain of food for shelter animals in Kyiv.
Ukraine animal rescuers
Members of the Centaurus Foundation from Poland are thankful for your donations to help in ground operations.
Ukraine feeding street dogs
Cooked foods are often being substituted at shelters that are blockaded with no access to buy dog and cat foods.
Donkey in Ukraine
We are so grateful for your help to feed farm animals who are trying to make it through this crisis.ations to help in ground operations.
Pig being rescued in Ukraine
The Ugolyok farm sanctuary has 3 separate locations for both farm animals and companion animals.

Dream Team is Unleashing Huge Rescue Mission

“There is a rare opportunity to bring comfort to the animals of war, and we have assembled a team of incredible heroes who are turning those donations into a massive blanket of comfort and care throughout Ukraine,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson said. “We are working with an international team of rescuers, ex-military officers and self-sacrificing volunteers who have spent the past two months completely immersed in this relief mission.”

Dog decompressing after rescue in Ukraine
Decompressing after rescue.
Ukraine hero animal rescuers
Roaming animals are being rescued to the greatest extent possible, but thousands need us.
Bringing rescue cats into vet in Ukraine
We were able to bring in a wonderful load of veterinary supplies through our Romanian teammates at the Sache Vet Clinic.
Orangutan at feldmans in Ukraine
At the Feldman Ecopark, donations have helped in the feeding and evacuation of animals. Sadly, some animals and their keepers were killed in bombings.

5 Ways We Are Saving Lives Together:

  1. EMERGENCY AID: Just before Russian troops completed descended on the Eastern region, Harmony Fund sent a month’s supply of food for the PIF shelter in Donetsk which is home to well over 1,400 animals and also acts as a distribution point for over 40 small shelters in the area. Wages of all workers were also paid. The mission here is ongoing.
  2. BATTLING HUNGER: An enormous delivery of kibble and wet food was trucked in to provide a month’s supply of meals for thousands of animals at four large animal shelters in the capital city of Kyiv.
  3. HELP FOR FARM ANIMALS: Harmony Fund has sponsored the delivery hay and grain for farm animals at four sanctuaries.
  4. ZOO ANIMAL CARE: Our efforts to help the 3,500 animals at the Feldman Ecopark in Kharkiv were a blessing during a very dark time. The zoo was attacked and there has been loss of life here for both animals and humans. However, we have done our best to help by sponsoring large quantities of food for the animals and assisting in the cost of evacuation of the animals to Poltova,
  5. NEW BEGINNINGS: We’ve been sponsoring care of dogs and cats who lost their families in Ukraine and who are now taking refuge in neighboring Romania.
A men caring for horse in Ukraine
A cat with eye injury in Ukraine

Helping at border in Ukraine
Romanian teammates at Every Life Counts help refugees with animals at the border.
International volunteers helping in Ukraine
Volunteers at Centaurus Foundation unloading supplies.

So Much Work Lies Ahead of Us….

Finding food for the animals takes on many forms. Some aid is coming in on trucks from elsewhere in Europe as well as from parts of Ukraine which are not locked down by Russian forces. In other instances, shelters are cooking rice and vegetables if that is all they can gather and they are in areas that are walled in by combat. And for every family who has decided to evacuate with their pets, sadly, there is another family who has left them behind at the mercy of neighbors and volunteers. There is so much work yet to be done and we are incredibly thankful to all of you who are keeping this mission alive.

A man and rescue dog in Ukraine
One of many rescued dogs who is now up for adoption in Poland.
Transporting pet foods in Ukraine
A constant flow of food is needed.
dog and cat

Help Keep The Mission in Ukraine Alive

Your donations provide massive quantities of food, evacuation, transportation, vet care and housing for abandoned and injured animals.


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