We’re Building a Vet Hospital!

Special Mission in Romania
Construction workers in Romania in front of building veterinary hospital

We are bursting with joy to announce our investment in the building of a new veterinary hospital in Romania that will be unlike any the country has ever seen. Run by the Sache Foundation in Tartasesti, the new hospital will be devoted to helping animal rescuers, injured homeless animals and raising the level of care provided by the next generation of veterinarians in Romania.

Romanian animal rescuers with dog

“As you may know, our social veterinary clinic has been providing care for the most vulnerable animals for the past 7 years,” Project Director Laura Fincu explained. “With the help of our dedicated team, we have been able to rescue and provide medical attention to countless animals who would otherwise have been left to suffer, over 100,000 so far! However, we believe that we can do more. Our goal is to build a state-of-the-art hospital that will serve as a beacon of hope for animals in need. We envision a space where every animal receives the care and attention they deserve, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

Rescuer holding 2 puppies with dog with cast in her leg

The new hospital (funded by a handful of charities including two significant grants from Harmony Fund) will serve many functions, including:

  • Special affordable services to animals rescuers so that they can treat sick and injured animals
  • Low-cost and free spay/neuter programs to drastically reduce the population of homeless animals
  • Training in the most contemporary veterinary techniques so that emerging doctors can give their patients far more skilled, humane and compassionate care
  • Humane education for school children to learn to be kind to animals
A rescue dog in a wheel chair in Romania

“This is not just a building, not just a healing center,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson explains. “This is a giant step forward in our quest to elevate the welfare of animals in Romania. By making veterinary care accessible for rescuers, hosting free spay/neuter events and training veterinarians in more humane techniques, we’re helping to shift the health and happiness of animals for generations to come.”

Romanian animal rescuer and veterinarian smiling

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